Our Heritage

We trace our beginnings back to the Protestant Reformation, and to John Calvin, a prominent French theologian during the 1530's, and prolific writer of theology,who left the Catholic Church to become one of the most significant architects of the Reformation. His teachings on the sovereignty of God, the authority of the scripture, justification by grace through faith, the priesthood of all believers, and design of church structure formed the basis of today's Presbyterian Church. The reformed tradition spread throughout Europe. John Knox, a student of Calvin's, led the Reformation in Scotland, established the new reformed church of Scotland, The Kirk, building on Calvin's doctrine to begin the Presbyterian Faith.  

Our History:

 In 1955 First Presbyterian Church in downtown Rome recognized the need for a new Presbyterian Church in West Rome. In February of that year the first official service was held, at First Presbyterian, and this new church was named "Westminster" by the congregation consisting of 84 charter members. Property was purchased, a new building was erected, and the Westminster congregation held the first service in their own facility in December of that year. In 1957 additional property was acquired and the house on it, know as "the Annex", was used for Sunday School. By 1962 enough funding had been raised to build and then dedicate the education building. In 1989 a new sanctuary was deemed necessary and the congregation voted to remain at the present site and to develop at its original location. The final product is our beautiful present worship space, completed in 1995, with the attached music wing being completed two years later in 1998. Our most recent additions have been the refurbished education building, the opening of the Westminster Christian Academy in 2002, and the completion of our West Center in 2008!