October Events​

October-4-Flu Shots/WH/3pm-5pm

October 10-  Day Circle/CR/2pm

October 12-Salt & Pepper/ WC Parking Lot/10am

                               Cedartown Coca-Cola Museum​

                         Night Circle/CR/6:30 pm

October 18-Red Cross Blood Drive/WH/3pm

October 22- Stewardship Celebration/WC/Noon   

Pastor's Wednesday Bible  Study:

                    Philippians:The Epistle of Joy


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Sunday  Worship

Sunday Schedule
Sunday School- 9:45 AM
Worship Service-11 AM
Sacrament of Communion - The first Sunday of each month.

The Welcome Center: 

Every Sunday

before Sunday School & after Worship.

Meet & greet new friends and old.

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